Getting Started
Face Processing : Applications and Opportunities.
Setup / Installations / Checkout
Introduction to OpenCV basics
Introduction to Dlib
Instagram Filters
Image Filtering
Color Spaces
Alpha Blending
Color Transforms and Histograms
Facial Landmark Detection
How to use Dlib's landmark detector
Optimizing performance of Dlib's landmark detector
Stabilizing landmarks in a video
Basic theory of landmark detector
How to train your own landmark detector?
Skin Processing
Blemish Removal
Skin Detection & Smoothing
Snapchat Filters
Non-linear image warping
Bug eyes!
Mustache, Eye patch and more!
Blending Faces
Delaunay Triangulation
Face Averaging
Face Morphing
Face Swapping in Photos
Face Swapping in Videos
Blink and Drowsy Driver Detection
How to handle noisy temporal data for facial activity analysis?
Object Detection & Tracking
How to train your own object detector?
How to track faces in a video?
Face Recognition
Theory of Face Recognition
OpenCV based Face Recognition
Deep Learning based Face Recognition
Emotion Recognition
Theory of Emotion Recognition
Deep Learning based Emotion Recognition